Shorten your deal cycle and win more business

Increase Deal Velocity

Lucro’s collaboration suite enables organizations to get more deals done faster. On the Lucro platform, every side of a deal is working off of the same model, making the conversation about the deal itself, not the calculations.

Eliminate Data Entry

Lucro harnesses machine-learning to automate data entry and eliminate human error, freeing you to source opportunities instead of working spreadsheets.

Protect your Brand

Lucro delivers a standardized modeling experience throughout your organization, ensuring confidence in each and every model you deliver to the marketplace.

What are the central advantages?

Enhance Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce time spent on data entry

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities to human error

  • Standardize asset reporting procedures

Get to Value Faster
  • Reallocate analyst task load to higher-level knowledge work

  • Generate rich data visualizations

  • Reveal asset trends and detect potential defaults

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