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What is Liquidity and How Does it Impact the CRE Market?

Most real estate investors decide on an investment property based on two things: the yield and the liquidity of the property. The projected yield of a property is an easy-to-grasp concept based on the cashflow from the asset. Liquidity in the commercial real estate context, however, is often misunderstood. The most rudimentary definition is “how quickly the property will sell at market value if I list it”. Below we will further define liquidity and discuss its impact on the commercial real estate market.

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Here’s How Lucro Creates A Commercial Real Estate Financial Model in Minutes

Creating a commercial real estate financial model is the crucial first step in analyzing a real estate deal. And it doesn’t matter the size of the deal.

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How to Eliminate Endless Versions of Excel-Built Financial Models

There’s a time and a place for Excel. For investors who need to quickly analyze with a bit more sophistication than on the back of a napkin, it works. Excel is also useful for people tracking data, or for people who want to create simple charts to use in a presentation.

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