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How Real Estate Investors use Leverage to Boost Investment Returns

In the real estate investing world, the use of leverage when purchasing assets is a virtual certainty.

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What is the Difference Between LTC and LTV, and How are They Used in CRE Financing?

Commercial real estate financing involves several different kinds of loans. In order for real estate investors to be able to borrow the money they need to finance their project, both the investor and their project must be assessed for risks. The more risk identified with the borrower or the project, the stricter terms lenders will offer. That’s where LTC and LTV come into play. Below we define what the two terms mean, how they work, and what their roles are in CRE financing.

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Amortization and How it Fits Into Commercial Real Estate Modeling

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What are CMBS and How Do They Provide Liquidity for Commercial Mortgages?

Commercial mortgage-backed securities (or CMBS for short) are also known as conduit loans. These types of loans are secured by mortgages on commercial real estate rather than residential properties. They are useful in that they are a way of providing liquidity to both real estate investors and lenders.

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How to Use Debt Service Coverage Ratio in your Commercial Real Estate Financial Models

Debt Service Coverage Ratio, or DSCR, is one of the most important ratios when it comes to real estate financial modeling.

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