Increase throughput and gain a leg up on the competition

Increase your Efficiency

Lucro's automated data importer lets your team cover vastly more assets. Reduce time spent on data entry and eliminate vulnerabilities to human error.

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Eliminate Data Entry

Lucro harnesses machine-learning to automate data entry and eliminate human error, freeing you to source opportunities instead of working spreadsheets.

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Protect your Brand

Lucro delivers a standardized modeling experience throughout your organization, ensuring confidence in each and every model you deliver to the marketplace.

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What are the central advantages?

Enhance Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce time spent on data entry

  • Eliminate vulnerabilities to human error

  • Standardize asset reporting procedures

Create value for your customers
  • Reallocate analyst task load to higher-level knowledge work

  • Generate rich data visualizations

  • Reveal asset trends and detect potential defaults

How does Lucro work?

Move from manual to automated data processing

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