Lucro Announces Key Appointments

Cornell PhD Physicist and former J.P. Morgan and Textura Corporation professionals to lead company’s development and growth of its suite of financial-modeling tools

(CHICAGO – June 21, 2017) – Lucro, a provider of modern financial modeling solutions for commercial real estate investing, announces the appointments of Colin Jermain as Data Scientist, T.K. MacKay as VP of Sales, and William Haeger as Analyst. The new Lucro additions will be responsible for product development, new client acquisition and revenue growth.

“Colin and William bring great data analysis and technical expertise; T.K. brings a wealth of sales experience; and all three bring proven track records of results that make them great assets to the Lucro team,” said Brian Axline, founder and CEO, Lucro. “Their valuable combination of Fortune 50 experience and hands-on leadership will certainly position Lucro for growth and success as we soon publicly launch our suite of financial-modeling tools.”

Colin Jermain officially joins Lucro after being a technical advisor and consultant for the company since its inception. He brings over ten years of experience in application development, infrastructure design, and data science. Prior to Lucro, Jermain was a Graduate Research Assistant at Cornell University, where he built machine learning models and data acquisition software to push the state of the art in spintronics physics research. Jermain holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Minor in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physics from Cornell University.

Prior to joining Lucro, T.K. MacKay served as Senior Manager of Global Client Services for Textura Corporation for over ten years, where he helped grow sales from $800,000 to $90 million before being acquired by Oracle. Before Textura, he worked as an Equities Analyst for Morningstar, Inc. and a Floor/Filling Clerk and CME Group. MacKay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English from Trinity College-Hartford and Masters Business Administration in Finance, Entrepreneurship from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

William Haeger joins Lucro after holding multiple product and operations positions at J.P. Morgan Asset Management in New York. Haeger was responsible for performing market research to determine competitive fees and product offerings for the Private Bank’s mutual fund business. He also collaborated with technology teams to automate the aggregation of the data used in the Private Bank’s annual Dodd-Frank certification. Haeger holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Tufts University.

Lucro is currently seeking a VP of Engineering to manage its core products and acquire additional software development talent. To learn more about Lucro, please visit

About Lucro

Lucro provides modern financial modeling collaboration solutions for commercial real estate investing that enable real estate professionals to spend less time crunching the numbers and more time getting deals done. Because Lucro is a complete solution, users can model any asset class (office, retail, industrial, apartments/multi-family, hospitality, etc.), under any investment hypothesis (core, value add, development, etc.), and analyze income, expenses and capital structure all on one platform. Built with the level of quality and sophistication that Wall Street expects, Lucro automates a once arduous task, standardizes the presentation of financials, and provides rich data visualization. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at @LucroApp.

Innovation & Entertainment- The Future of Malls in America


The future of American malls is in limbo. Since 2016, more than 1,500 stores have been slated to close, including blue chip names like JCPenney, Macy’s, Sears, American Apparel, The Limited, and Abercrombie & Fitch. The trend is nothing new, as customer traffic had started to slow more than a decade ago, causing many large department stores to abandon their leases. As the malls lost their largest revenue generators, they began to fail.

Some department stores are going out of business altogether like The Limited, recently shut down all 250 of its stores. Other stores, like Sears and JCPenney, are aggressively reducing their store counts to unload unprofitable locations. Sears is shutting down about 10% of its Sears and Kmart locations (around 150 stores) and JCPenney is shutting down about 14% of its locations, totaling 138 stores.


How Rising Sea Levels are Impacting Miami’s Commercial Real Estate Market


The inconvenient truths of climate change are no longer a minor inconvenience for south Floridians. Sea levels have risen an average of one inch per year in the Miami area– causing a dramatic shift in the local political and real estate climates. Estimates vary greatly on how much sea levels in southeast Florida will rise in the upcoming years. Conservative predictions project as little as two feet, with more comprehensive models projecting as much as six feet by 2060. The Florida Keys, for example, sit just six inches above sea level in some areas, while most of Miami’s prime South Beach real estate sits just four feet above the sea.

Comprehensive models, which were explored in a 2015 study by Princeton and Potsdam University professors, take into consideration established relationships between greenhouse gas emissions and previously unexplored connections between sea warming and sea level increases. The study 2015 effectively illustrates the compounding effect of rising sea levels, a notion prevalent in the science community.


South Side Chicago’s Hottest Commercial Real Estate Deal Uses Historic Tax Credits To Reduce Capital Costs

South Side Chicago’s Hottest Commercial Real Estate Deal Uses Historic Tax Credits To Reduce Capital Costs

Trained as an architect and armed with an MBA from Cornell’s S.C. Johnson School of Management, Ryan Folger cut his teeth in Chicago on a project called The Roosevelt Collection. Working as the Director of Construction, he oversaw the development of the 1,200 space three level parking structure, 400,000 square feet of retail space, 342 condos, and the largest luxury cinema in Chicago featuring a cocktail lounge, VIP section, and 16 screens.

When the financial crisis slowed development in Chicago, Mr. Folger took a position as VP of Operations for Altisource Asset Management Corporation which, during his tenure, acquired a portfolio worth more than $1 billion. In 2016 Folger returned to Chicago and formed Anexis Development to specialize in identifying unique opportunities in underutilized locations while providing attractive returns to investors. His latest project, the Federal Street Lofts, is a 64,000 sq ft. loft conversion on the South Side of Chicago, a short walk from McCormick Place. With 12,000 square feet of office space and 24 residential units, the new development presents a tremendous opportunity for Anexis and its investors through the use of historic tax credits.