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Real Estate Tech firm, Lucro, joins Catapult Chicago

Lucro, a real-estate technology firm that is reinventing the way professionals collaborate on real-estate investments, joins the ranks of Page Vault, Rent Like A Champion and Rippleshot at Catapult Chicago – a peer-selected community of tech startups.

Lucro aims to save its customers 90% of their time when analyzing an investment in real estate. It’s been growing rapidly since its inception in October 2015, cultivating novel features that automate financial-model creation and streamline the deal process. Founder and CEO, Brian Axline, set the trajectory for the Lucro team to design a collaborative tool that enables access to market intelligence for all asset classes and presents complex transactions in a transparent way.

Catapult Chicago

Catapult’s Tight-knit Community

“Lucro is a natural fit at Catapult,” says April Lane, Catapult’s Executive Director. “They are a growing company with a top notch founder and team, offering a game-changing tech platform for commercial real estate professionals.”

Lucro’s technology appeals to both institutional, real-estate investors and house-flipping, weekend warriors. Axline is passionate about making this technology accessible and beneficial to anyone who wants to get involved in real estate. By doing away with manual input and a clunky two-step analytical process, characteristic of its predecessors, Lucro introduces a level of intuitive simplicity and ease-of-use that is unequalled in this market.

Thrilled about the company’s new membership with Catapult, Axline muses, “Catapult seats us in the trenches with other companies facing the same challenges; the result being that we can utilize valuable resources, maximize visibility into the capital markets, and scale gracefully, all while in the company of non-competing peers and mentors.”

Joining the community at Catapult Chicago, an outfit that has successfully scaled, accelerated, and mentored over 35 startups (90% of which remain operating), is just another exciting benchmark for Lucro.

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